Women’s Roles in Weddings

I have to admit, I’m loving the new age of NEW TRENDS, NEW ROLES AND NO RULES.

As I sit with new HotHouse brides every week, I am seeing a trend emerging that I think is the dawning of a new age for women’s roles in weddings. Traditionally, we have always had a Bride. Now sometimes, we have two Brides. Occasionally we have Groomswomen. We are seeing more and more women officiants too. Let’s face it, men aren’t the only ones who wear the pants these days, that is for sure!



When scrolling on Pinterest, there are so many inspirations from a sophisticated Bride daunting a veil in her white suit to a band of bridesmaids or groomswomen adding a bit of swagger and style in their power suits.








I find myself looking for suggestions to apply to the floral side of this new emergence of equality.

Several things come to mind when I think of fashion forward women and flowers. What to wear? One of the best examples that could be used is Sue McLeary also known as Passion Flower Sue’s work. She is best known for designing amazing floral jewelry.  Pictured below are some of her stylish creations from necklaces to earrings and bold, cuff bracelets. I mean, I can see any of these adding unique flair to the feminine wedding role.



A few more alternatives come to mind such as designing a more “feminine” version of boutonnieres. We can accomplish this by simply the flowers we choose or by creating a unique shape such as a wreath form as pictured below by Martha Stewart Weddings.


As I write this on International Women’s Day, I am empowered and inspired by all of those women who have come before me, those in my day to day and all of those women who are yet to cross my path.

We can wear the boutonnières.

We can wear the pants.

We can take a stand, even in heels.

We can make the future female.

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