Pairing the Props


Pairing the Props isn’t always the easiest for the “non-creatives”!

Well, doing my taxes isn’t always the easiest for this “non-accounting” loving girl either!

The creative process of pairing the right color, textures, scale and overall mood is so important. Not to mention, the spacial area you have to work with.

At PropHouse, our sales team can assist with your questions and listen to your needs to help suggest pairings that will work for your individual needs and desires.

Example: We can pair any of these three sofas (Wynston (black), Edyth (orange) or Sophia (ivory) with our Rifle Lourdes Rug and Rifle pillows! The teal ottoman is the perfect accent to pull the color from the rug! You can always use as extra seating or place a small tray with floral on top for that perfect fresh element pop!


We can always review your Pinterest board or any inspiration photos you might have to assist your planners or floral designers on the right pairing of props with the particular feel of flowers you are going with! As the creative director for PropHouse, I also come with the great knowledge of floral background and can personally coordinate with your floral designer to pick the perfect pair! *Styling Design Fee applies

Here is an example of some coordination of sofa and floral color!


From top to bottom:

Emma + Mariatheresia Garden Rose

Edyth + Juliet Garden Rose

Eliza + Darcey Garden Rose

Looking forward to chatting with you about your upcoming events and lending a little inspiration during the process! Don’t fret, we’ll get the perfect pairing customized just for you!

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