The Artist & The Professional

I am a Gemini so by nature, I do have a split personality.

I feel that way the most when I am asked to describe myself.

I am an artist. I design floral arrangements from the most contemporary to the most natural. Sometimes I design from the viewpoint of what makes me happy and other days I design from the viewpoint of what will make my client happy. In every arrangement or design, I make sure that it has that special touch that meets my high expectations of quality and signature. I am proud to be an artist.

I am a professional. I have owned my own business for over 10 years. Yes, over 10 years! Time flies when you are immersed in growing your business. There are so many sacrifices made during that time, it makes you appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re going. I am a professional to my clients, my employees and my colleagues. Even the best artist must have professional implementation to make sure that they can survive in today’s society and make a living. I am proud to be a professional.


The Goal? To make sure that they intertwine seamlessly to make sure you never lose your edge in your profession. The artist is the passion and the professional is the paycheck.

When the two collide, something amazing happens. 

Cheers to epic collisions.

*Photo Courtesy of Accent Decor: Floral Artist – Majerik


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